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Renewable Energy Construction Loan Program

CSG is specializes in construction lending for renewable energy installations nationwide. Typically, we provide construction loans ranging from $1 to $25 million with a term of 6 months; however, larger loans and longer terms are considered based on project specifics. We work with experienced developers with a successful track record of completed renewable energy transactions.

Highlights of Construction Loan Program

  • A highly-experienced EPC provider with payment and performance bonding or letter of credit is required.
  • A strong corporate guarantor; guaranty is full recourse for project completion and loan repayment.
  • Easement or leasehold rights during construction are also required.
  • Prior to closing, a suitable takeout commitment such as a term loan, tax credit equity, grant, sale leaseback or other scenario must be in place with an acceptable institution.
  • Typical due diligence fees apply which cover the costs of various third-party reports such as the appraisal and plan and cost review, and other lender due diligence costs. The borrower is responsible for legal fees and customary closing costs.
  • Call us for current rates.

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For more information, please contact:

Devin Sanderson   (727) 233-0563  dsanderson@CSGfirst.com